2econd born Derrick Fuller hails originally from a small but notorious city Wilmington, DE. Currently, 2econd lives in Los Angeles, CA where is steadily rising as an amazing multi-talented star. 2econd was first introduced to us on BET where he was featured for his unique rap flow and never heard before metaphors. Every track 2econd records is like a soundtrack to life song. He tells his story through his music.

2econd is not only a rap act that has experienced some success, he has also proven to be quite the actor as well. Nailing his first ever audition for a major production and getting cast in a Pulitzer Prize winning play "No Place to Be Somebody" written by Charles Gordone, and directed by Richard Lawson, has given him a major boost.  2econd managed to score a significant role that was featured in the most pivotal scene in the play. 2econd had zero stage play experience before this role.

*Fun Fact: Beyoncé & Jay-Z came to see the play. The WACO theater only seats 99 people so it was a very intimate setting.*




  • 2econd has performed on stage in New York, DTLA, and Hollywood.
  • New York - YouTube Space in Manhattan most notably.
  • DTLA - Historic King Eddy's Saloon
  • Hollywood CA - The Study on Hollywood Blvd
  • 2econd has appeared in over 15 major network television series.
  • 2econd also has a Masters Degree in Business, which landed him a stint in politics as a Campaign Manager for Lt. Governor hopeful Ciro Poppiti in the 2016 race in his home state of Delaware. 2econd began pursuing his entertainment career full time after that appointment.


2econd has chosen to pursue his music and acting career simultaneously, unlike many successful artist before him who elected to focus on one until they received some form of fame and notoriety. 2econd likes to refer to himself as the "exception" to any rule, and has branded himself around that concept. 2econd has recently launched an apparel line "2xception" which celebrates the idea of being the exception and always striving to be that "1" in a million if those are the odds. Having been formerly incarcerated for a significant portion of his young life, he developed that mindset. Still being able to accomplish all the things that he has been able to accomplish in spite of those adversities, he believes that is the story that needs to be told. He believes we need more exceptions to the rule as opposed to this sort of uniformity that only gets us to a point. You can expect music being released every two weeks on his Spotify channel which has a link on the website. In addition to continuing to work on "The Plug" a series 2econd has written, directed and starred in, here are a few projects that he is currently targeting as well:

  • BMF series by 50 Cent and GUNIT FIlms
  • Music Collabs from Juice Wrld, NBA YOUNG BOY, Nicki Minaj, Julia Michaels
  • Snow Fall on Fox & The Chi on Showtime

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Tel: 323-528-2496
Spotify: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/1zrOuEea6khHseK8PBVJS1/profile
Website: https://www.neverknow.online
Email: neverknow@deric.online
Instagram: @2econd_mins